Shotokan Karate-Do and Physical Fitness


A Modern System of Japanese Budo that Develops the Mind and Body

Through Physical Fitness and Self-Defense Training

Japanese Budo

Shotokan Karate-Do

Considered as one of the forms of Japanese Budo, Shotokan Karate-do is not just a system of self-defense training, but rather a means of individual growth and personal development.


What is "Budo"?  Without a more inclusive and expansive description of what is meant by the direct translation to English, "martial way" does not properly define the meaning.  Check out this short clip and interpretation on YouTube by Rick Hotton Sensei in his documentary "Budo-the way of halting conflict".  This is a great start to understanding what Budo is and how we can benefit from it.

Re-Introduction to Traditional Shotokan Karate

A new approach...

We are in the process of re-organizing our approach with instruction and location.  In the works is a "re-introduction to traditional Shotokan karate", with beginning classes for new and experienced members alike.  We are not a member of any karate organization, but all of the instructors come with credentials and experience from various organizaitional backgrounds.


Instructors and Instruction

As this dojo grows and expands, we will be increasing and diversifying our instructor base.  Our goal is to have a rotating schedule of instructors with different training, instructional, and organizational backgrounds so that we are able to provide a multiple of perspectives for attending members.


We are not quite there yet...

Currently, our schedule remains somewhat inconsistent due to the location, and we are in search of a venue where we may offer consistent hours.  In the meanwhile, we communicate internally to confirm dates and times.  If you would like to be included or visit an upcoming class, please CONTACT US.


Look for updates to be posted soon...

As we develop and deploy our new approach, look for updates to be posted here.

Location and Schedule

Scheduling and location options will be announced soon.



Personal Training

Individual/Private Lessons Available

Flexible scheduling options are available and is limited to 3 individuals.

Individual / Private Training