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Dentou Shotokan of Florida (DSFL) is a "Japan Karate Association style" Karate dojo located in the New Tampa / Wesley Chapel area  
of Florida.  Traditional Shotokan Karate-do is a form of Budo, where the focus and goals from training are primarily on the personal  
growth and development of each student over the sport aspects of training.  We offer a safe and non-contact form of karate and  
weaponless self-defense training that is practiced worldwide by people of all ages!
New:  Self-Defense Saturdays (free class open to the public)
We are now offering an ongoing free self-defense class, open to the public, on the last Saturday of every month.  This class is intended for those with or without previous martial arts experience.  More about "Self-Defense Saturdays" here.  Pre-registration is required.  Email us if you plan to attend or would like additional information.
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