Self-Defense Awareness and Training Workshops

5-Part Course:

Ideal introductory information for those new to self-defense training and have no martial arts experience!

For those with martial arts training, this course focuses on the application and purpose of those
rigorous, repetitive, and strenuous conditioning drills to real-life self-defense application!
Training for All Ages!

Traditional Karate is a great activity for children, but is especially beneficial and
enjoyable for all later stages and ages of life!

Karate development and training for adults constantly takes on new levels and
dimensions as they study and learn more about related physical fitness, mental
concentration, and an overall understanding of traditional concepts.

Many adults throughout their 50s, 60s, 70s, and later continue to train
Traditional Karate today!
Ongoing Classes of:
Traditional Shotokan Karate

Are Available Through:
Northwood Community Clubhouse
Tampa Parks & Recreation

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Traditional Shotokan Karate-Do
Dentou Shotokan of FL
Welcome to Dentou Shotokan of FL!

Dentou Shotokan of Florida (DSFL) is a non-sport, non-competitive, and non-commercial "Japan Karate Association style" Karate dojo located in the New Tampa /
Wesley Chapel area of Florida.  Traditional Shotokan Karate-do is a form of Budo, where the focus and goals from training are primarily on the personal growth and
development of each student over the sport aspects of training.  We offer a safe and non-contact form of karate and weaponless self-defense training that is
practiced worldwide by people of all ages!
Traditional Shotokan Karate-Do:
A Modern System of Japanese Budo that Develops the Mind and Body Through Physical Fitness and Self-Defense Training
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