Dentou Shotokan of FL is small group of individuals interested in training Traditional Karate as a
form of Budo, emphasizing learning, personal growth and development over training for
competition or sport.

Classes are informal.  Training combines fitness drills with demonstration and explorations of
Traditional Karate concepts for learning how to expand your potential for speed, power, strength,
balance control, flexibility, and more.

Open to adults and teens of any level of experience or karate organization affiliation.  Beginners are

Call or text for more information about joining or visiting our classes.
Fitness | Budo | Self-Defense
Traditional Shotokan Karate-Do
Dentou Shotokan of FL
Location and Schedule

Northwood Community Clubhouse
27248 Big Sur Drive
Wesley Chapel, FL 33544-6656

Meetings are once or twice per week.

Call / Text: 813.666.4918
Traditional Shotokan Karate-Do:
A Modern System of Japanese Budo that Develops the Mind and Body Through Physical Fitness and Self-Defense Training
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